Wednesday 28 September 2011

Running for Freedom

Callum has started back at nursery - hooray!

He had his first unaccompanied half day on Monday. I celebrated by going for a run! It felt so good to be running again...though that may just have been first run adrenaline (my first run after an absence always feels good - kinda leads me into a false sense of security as the second run is a killer!)

I then crossed a road without...I repeat, without...wait for it...pushing the green man!!!!!! I know, I know, the shock, I'm such a rebel.

I know, its silly but in all seriousness, it is little things like these that show me just how much I've missed my freedom. I should probably be feeling guilty for thinking of it as freedom but I'd be lying if I did - sorry but that's the truth of it.

Following my run, I then cleaned the house...well the bathrooms and the kitchen...the hoovering and dusting etc of the other rooms had to wait for another day...I only had half a day remember and I'm a bit too thorough to clean a whole house in half a day!

Despite my euphoria at my few hours of freedom, I must confess, nothing compared to the big cuddle I got from Callum when I went to pick him up.

Not really sure how he got on. I couldn't see his key-carer around to ask and everyone seemed busy doing something else as it was lunchtime.

I spied on him a little when I arrive and he was eating his dinner...or rather sitting looking lost and sad staring at a piece of cake. I saw a nursery carer ask him if he was eating his cake and him mutter something shyly - apparently the mutterings were "I don't like it" (again, I know I've said this before, but he can't possibly be my child to refuse cake!!). That's when I made myself visible and he came running to me. I swapped his slippers for shoes and grabbed up his things, signed out and left.

I asked him outside if he had enjoyed himself and what he did and he was quite talkative so think he was OK - guess it will take a couple of sessions for him to feel comfortable and more confident...he is very much 'the new boy' at the moment. And I remember from before when he was only there a day or so he never really felt settled and it was only when he went to nursery full time he came out of himself. I imagine it will be similar here and once I have a job things will get easier for him.

Friday is his first full day at nursery so I will see how he is after that.

Must be careful that I don't get into habit of spoiling him every time I pick him up...could get expensive...but I think he deserved a little lego man for his first half day on his own...Right?!

(p.s. am going to try for a different approach to blog writing - little & often and focusing on one topic...hope it reads better - please tell me what you think?)

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  1. I know just what you mean! Also like the small blog posts best, look forward to more!


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