Tuesday 7 June 2011

Pee, Poo, Pants & Potty

After a couple of false starts earlier in the year, Sunday saw the start of potty training for Callum (well obviously not Stuart, myself or Lotté!!!!). It was completely led by him too. Like everything in a child's development that you worry about, if you just leave it to them they will do it when they are ready!!!

What happened was:

We got in from a shop at the supermarket around lunchtime and Callum needed his nappy changed (wet). He wouldn't then let me put on a new nappy. After a bit of play I asked him if he would let me put a nappy on now and he said no then "wee wee Mummy, potty". Luckily, we still had a potty in the lounge (where we were) from the previous attempt so I grabbed it and tradarrrr he did a wee on the potty. I put some pants on after he asked for them and then other than a couple of little accidents he then continued to wee on the potty for the rest of the afternoon. I never knew a child could wee so much, it seemed like every 5 minutes. His sticker chart was filling up in no time!

So, the test was nursery. Monday he went in pants (Thomas of course) and I took plenty of spare pants and clothes and gave the news to nursery. I was hoping it would be a nice day so he could run around without any trousers on (but still pants) but, unfortunately, it was a horrible wet day. I was a little nervous when going to pick Callum up but was pleased to hear he had only had 3 accidents which were mainly because he was in his all in one outdoor suit thing and he couldn't take it off quick enough. Going by the number of times he went for a wee at home on Sunday, I was really pleased with just 3 accidents. He then did a couple more wees and......a Poo!!!! in the potty at home and earned his first reward (a Wilson Chuggington train).

Today was day two at nursery and he only had 2 accidents in the afternoon while there. Unfortunately, I had run to nursery, not really thinking through the potty training and the bus journey home. I was unprepared with no wipes or bags etc for any potty incident that could happen on the way home. Although I did have the potty with me.

We were waiting for the bus when.....I smell something not too pleasant....he had done a poo in his pants. I found myself scooping out the poo with a bit of cardboard and he had to stay in his dirty pants bless him.

I'm so proud of him. Fingers crossed it continues.

The hard bit is when he goes to bed he wants to continue wearing pants and not a nappy but judging by how heavy his nappy was this morning it will be a while before he is dry at night. But one step at a time.

On another note...

I was teaching Callum 5 little ducks. For those that aren't familiar with the rhyme it goes:

5 little ducks went swimming one day,
Over the hills and far away
Mummy duck says "quack, quack, quack, quack"
And only 4 little ducks came back.

complete with actions and you count down until 0 ducks come back and then on the next quack all 5 come back.

Callum was copying me with the actions and what I was saying and then it got to:

"Mummy duck says "quack, quack, quack, quack""

and he repeated it after me but slight different saying

"Callum duck says "quack, quack, quack, quack""

I love my son :o)

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