Wednesday 19 January 2011

Oh no, he has discovered he can get out of bed on his own!

The bubble has popped and Callum has discovered he can get out of bed and doesn't have to wait until we come in, in the morning!

On the plus sign, he doesn't cry when he wakes up but, on the down side, it can be bloody scary!

The first time he did it was for his day time nap and, although a little concerned, didn't think too much about it.

Then, while fast asleep, pushing up Zs as you do at 3am, we hear "creeeeak". We both get the fear and Stuart virtually leaps over me from his side of the bed, ready to catch the rotten intruder who thinks he can break into our home. Then I hear "get back to bed!" and a pitter patter of tiny footsteps back to bed.

Both relief and dread go through my mind - hooray, not a big scary burglar but bugger, he has discovered he can get out of bed AND open his bedroom door!!!!

He did it again later about 4am but wouldn't settle and I ended up getting very little sleep being kicked in the head while trying to sleep in his bed with him!

Thankfully, he hadn't really done it much, if at all, since then - certainly not to cause us the fear...until the other night when Stuart and I had been enjoying a drink and ended up staying up until 2am listening to music when we remembered we weren't as young as we used to be and there was a reason why we rarely saw the wrong side of 12am! On our way to bed we opened the kitchen door and there he was! Quiet and staring straight at us - frrrrrrrr, gives me shivers! We thought for a minute he was sleep walking - still not sure that he wasn't. We got him back to bed, though and thankfully he didn't stir again.

There have been no more middle of the night awakenings but it does mean when he wakes up in the morning he gets straight up and comes into ours...or, like he did the other day, go straight downstairs. Not sure what he was doing but heard him jingling our door keys - not sure where exactly he was planning on going!!!

I now intend to keep some toys in his room and try to circulate them occasionally to see if that keeps him entertained for a while when he wakes up. In fairness, he rarely wakes up earlier than 7.30 but every extra second in bed counts for a lot in our house!

Other news - he had his first nursery parent's evening the other day. No problems and all seems to be on track. He isn't, by any means, top of his class, and is possibly near the bottom for his age but as long as he isn't lagging behind or there is anything for concern. Was very pleased that he is very good with his manners and apparently shows the older children up. Also discovered he loves his food and eats lots - often asking for more helpings. Why doesn't he do that at home??? His key worker also said she was going to raise the issue of the menu at a meeting to see if they can vary it more. Also whether they can make a more informative and two-way book rather than the very basic one-way book they currently have. Watch this space!

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