Tuesday 25 January 2011

Faffety, faff faff

Well, the no-nap solution appears to be working most of the time. Although, he is often really tired by the time we get home from nursery and he nearly fell asleep in his tea at nursery the other day, bless him.

He is still having more than the odd moment of pushing the boundaries at the moment but they are interspersed with more pleasurable moments.

I'm really proud of him at nursery though. He is slowly moving into the big room (as in for older children, not just because it is bigger!!!).

He goes in there on Mondays and Fridays and then joins them for PE on Wednesday. I have to bring a change of clothes for him on Wednesday. I think he had his first PE session on the Wednesday just gone. They were doing animals and learning how each of them walk. He was apparently very attentive and would watch carefully before copying what the other children were doing. On the other days he sits quietly at story time and enjoys trying to write - just drawing lines on paper at the moment but he loves it apparently.

He is the biggest ever faffer though at the moment - faffs in the morning when getting dressed, faffs getting his shoes and coat on to go to nursery, faffs when I pick him up from nursery - not really sure how to tackle this. Have tried bribery which has some (minimal) effect but I would rather not reward him for faffing! I try to be strict but am bound by my own time commitments. I don't want to discipline him in a way that takes time from me as I am in short supply at the times when he plays up. And there is no point giving him the punishment much later than the crime because he wont be able to relate the two.

If anyone has advice, am all ears...I may not accept it because I am stubborn like that but I will certainly listen to it first...;o)

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