Sunday 25 July 2010

21.5 months

Callum's really trying with his talking now. He tries to copy lots of words we say and learning new words all the time. He isn't the best at completing the words but starts them all quite well. For example, bus is bu and van is va etc.

New recent words:

Oliver & James (apparently said at nursery)
coptor (helicopter)
says dangdoo more regularly now
bye bye
bittit (biscuit)
ball is still not clear but getting better
bow (means 'pick me up' and bounce)
lellow (yellow) and a couple of other colours - though most colours are lellow regardless of what they really are
wower (flower) - that's my favourite. I didn't realise he could say it but he wanted me to draw something so started drawing a flower and he recognised it and said 'wower' - I was so proud

I am really trying to get him to say his name but not having much luck. He doesn't even attempt it at the moment.

He natters on all the time and at nursery as well as home. Think he is really coming out of himself at nursery now. Although I do worry about him picking up bad habits like hitting, though I imagine all children go through a stage of hitting. He sometimes does it when he is frustrated but sometimes he does it playing. Another 'phase'!

He has certainly been a lot more fun and happy recently. Weekends and evenings are a lot more enjoyable. He is also a lot easier to put to bed in the evenings too. He goes into his cot find and
even points to go in there. He may moan for a bit but he is generally happy to go.

He loves aeroplanes and spots the tiniest dot in the sky and recognises it as an aeroplane. He points to them all the time.

Oh, we took him horse riding last weekend. There is a Shetland pony (Harry) where my
friend rides and she asked the owners if he could come and have a little ride. He had a little
hat on and a back protector. He wasn't sure at first but once Harry was moving (led by me) he
really quite enjoyed it. We have a couple of photos which I need to upload but will post one on
here once I have. We went on quite a long walk too.

He didn't stay on the pony for the whole time but stayed on for about half hour. I even got to have a ride of the horse my friend rides too :o) - not the Shetland, I would have squashed it. Her horse was 17+ hands. Huge! Just really makes me miss riding and want to do it more!

We have taken Callum swimming a couple of times now at the leisure centre near us with slides. We did buy him some armbands last time to try to give him more confidence moving away from us. He loves jumping off the side of the pool into the water and actually tries to jump where we can't catch him. Really looking forward to going on holiday with him.

The only difficult times we have had recently is with him occasionally pushing Stuart away. Stuart has been working really hard recently - nothing new there but often he is late home and has been working over the weekends too. I think Callum pushes him away as a kind of punishment which I think hurts Stuart a bit, understandably. We have spent some nice family days together too though. We went to watch the Farnborough airshow yesterday - Callum spent the first half of it pointing at every plane. He handled the noise quite well, though did a couple of times discretely move closer to Stuart to feel a bit safer when the really noisy ones came past.

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