Tuesday 8 June 2010

21 Months

Every day is completely different to the last at the moment. One day is good, another could be hard work.

Callum is so fiercely independent but he also gets so frustrated when he can't make me understand - and likewise, I get frustrated when he doesn't understand.

His speech is coming along but at a slow rate and his words aren't clear. Sometimes, I can understand what he is trying to say, but it doesn't sound much like the word and I'm not sure anyone else would understand. For example, I think he says "lolo" for "all gone". I had thought he was trying to say "Hello" but then realised he mainly says it when something is empty or he doesn't want anymore of something. He does also say it when reading his bath book as the Octopus waves hello, so who knows.

I still find it so hard to know how to discipline him. I know I should be consistent but I am also trying to do different things to see what works. I try hard not to get angry at him but then I end up feeling like he is getting away with murder and it is not how I want to raise him, which then makes me cross. I keep telling myself, it will be easier when we can communicate with one another and I can explain and reason, but then worry it will be too late and I will have started bad habits.

Gah! I know this is how so many other mums feel but I so wished there was a step by step manual!

I am also worried a bit about his behaviour at nursery as he has started hitting. I know it is mainly out of frustration from not being able to communicate but it isn't something I want to encourage obviously. I hope it is just another 'phase' and one he grows out of quickly.

Its not all hard work though, there are good days. He can be so lovely. Especially when he gives you kisses.

We all had a lovely day swimming the other day. We went to the leisure centre in Guildford. The swimming pool is great with lots of big slides, wave machines, fountains. Callum loved it. There was this little slide that he would climb up himself and go down. Then he just decided to go down head first into the water - it was only shallow but still a face full of water. He loved it. Stuart and I also took him on one of the big slides too, on our laps.

I also took him to a farm the other weekend. He loved feeding the sheep. It was so cute. He kept trying to feed them with one pellet squished between his fingers but would then get scared. Then I showed him how to open his hand and feed them and he loved it. We also went on a tractor trailor ride which he wasn't that bothered about - and to be honest, nor was I! Been on one tractor trailor ride, been on them all! We did see lots of animals and he was going on really big slides on his own. I'd definitely take him again.

Anyway, early start for me tomorrow. So off to bedski with me!

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