Thursday 4 March 2010

18 Months

Wow! Two days ago, my little boy was 18 months old! And a little boy he seems to be now rather than a baby!

What a week. This is what was meant to happen:

Saturday - pick Stuart up from Airport as he is home from India
Monday - start my new job and Callum starts full time nursery
Friday - Stuart and Callum have day off and take me to airport. I go to Edinburgh

This is what happened:

Saturday - picked Stuart up from airport as home from India (all good so far)
Sunday - Callum suffering with his cold but we decide to take him to softplay in the morning in the hope it cheers him up. And it seems to. Then in the afternoon - blurgh! He is sick.
Monday - I go to my first day at work and Stuart has to take day off to look after Callum
Tuesday - as above
Wednesday - take Callum to nursery as Stuart has meetings and I am still on my first week. Get call from nursery and I have to go and collect Callum as feeling very sorry for himself. Continues to be sick.
Thursday - I take day off work as Callum is still sick - go to Dr and the poor sausage is riddled with viruses. Cough virus and tummy virus and virus is also making his eyes sticky. To top it all off both today (Thursday) and yesterday he has been teething too!
Friday - will hopefully go as planned as it hasn't happened yet (is tomorrow in case you couldn't work it out). I'm sad that I will have to go away and leave him when he is unwell :o(

It was always going to be an emotional week but feel like someone wanted to really test me!

I feel guilty and feel that I've not been able to make the best impression at work taking time off for looking after Callum in my first week. They have been really understanding but doesn't stop me feeling bad.

I also have huge mummy guilt for taking Callum into nursery before he was ready so we could go to work. Feel quite selfish.

So, Callum still hasn't had his full week at nursery - in fact he had less than 1/2 a day this week.

And I haven't had a full week at work yet.

On the plus side with work, I think I'm going to like it and feel like I am already fitting in well with the team. I'm sure the usual insecurities will pop up at some point but at the moment I am feeling positive about it all.

While at the doctors earlier, I asked briefly about Callum's walking and whether we needed to be concerned if he was making efforts to walk or because his left foot is slightly turned out. She wasn't concerned and says that it often happens but tends to all sort itself out in time.

Sorry, jumping back and forth with subjects but just watching Callum. The change in him over the course of the last 11 hours is quite amazing! He started the day really weak and moaning almost constantly. Picked up when he had his milk but as he threw it up halfway through, at the end and then after a second watered down bottle, went quickly back to weak and moany. Felt very sorry for himself at the doctors. He had a couple of sleeps on the sofa and on me. Then he was beside himself with teeth pain for a couple of hours. Now, after eating a slice of toast and marmite, is crawling around, laughing at himself making silly noises, wanting to do a puzzle. I hope he stays like this and this is him nearly recovered! I am apprehensive about it being the case though as this is a similar pattern to yesterday.

Right - super stinky nappy to change. Had the worst one I probably had to deal with since he was born earlier! Straight in the shower with him! They are none to pleasant right now!

False alarm, thankfully - just a smelly trumpet!

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