Thursday 18 February 2010

17.5 months

Don't even ask about the walking! I'm bored of my own typing on this matter - just know, nothing much has changed.

That aside, we seem to have entered the other side of the weeks from hell! And, even better than that, I dropped Callum at nursery today and there were NO tears. Woohoo! Apparently, he was really happy and lovely all day. Even giving the carers kisses. I'm so pleased. I hope it stays like that. He was a little bit stroppy when I got him home but in a spoilt kind of way. Like when he doesn't get what he wants. I can live with that though.

I think the bad weeks were caused from a combination of being ill and teething. I think he is getting his back molars from what I can feel. They are not through yet so imagine the bad times might not be gone for good but am just enjoying the good times why they last.

Callum has been experimenting with a few more sounds recently but hard to know if we have any new words as such. I often think he says 'pretty' and I think he was trying to say 'light' tonight.

I have finally got my work start date. I start work on 1 March. So, full time from then! Full time mum to full time work, full time mum, to full time work. Posts should get interesting from then I imagine!

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