Tuesday 13 January 2009

19 weeks

1 stone to go until pre-pregnancy weight (on 2 Jan when I started diet, I had 1st 6lb to go)

Well, we are still all over the place with sleep.

It still seems a bit adhoc whether Callum only wakes once in the night or wakes 2-3 times. I've thought of everything I am doing and whether I am doing anything different but I can't find a reason. Unfortunately, the waking before dreamfeed, then 2am, then between 5 and 6am seems to be the more common routine. 

It is so frustrating.

Tonight, rather than feeding Callum half his milk before his bath and then the other half after, I might just give it all to him after in the hope he wont wake up before his dreamfeed. I think this should work today, but not sure what I will do when he is crying with hunger just before bath time. 

Regarding sleeping in the day, I've dedicated this week to tackling it. I'm only going out if I have to (such as pilates today).  So far, so good. 

Monday, Callum slept for 1 hour then grizzled half asleep for 3o mins in the morning, then slept for 1.5 hours after lunch, and then had a 30 minute sleep in the afternoon. 

Today, he slept for 1.5 hours and woke up really happy. He didn't cry when he woke up, he was just talking to himself and jumped when I went up to get him. I then had to go to Pilates before his next nap, which was due while I was there. He went to sleep in his car seat right on cue and is stil asleep now 1.5 hours later. Would also like to add, he was very, very good while at Pilates, happy watching and playing and only starting to get grizzly when it got to sleep time. Even then, it was more like one groan, then he was asleep. 

Not sure what is going on with Callum's digestive system today...I've had to change 4 pooey nappies in a row, the last resulting in an outfit change! Oh my life is so glamourous!

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