Wednesday 7 January 2009

18 weeks, 1 day old

Someone keeps moving the goal posts!!!!!

Whenever you feel like you are making progress, something else pops up to leave you frustrated and not knowing what to do!

Now, I know I said I wouldn't read another book or listen to another 'expert', so please don't shoot me, but...I have been reading 'Secrets of the Baby Whisperer' by Tracy Hogg (with Melinda Blau). I just thought I would get some 'advice' or ideas on daytime sleeping as it was getting infuriating with Callum not sleeping more than 40-45 minutes during the day at any one time. Tracy advised that a baby Callum's age should be having two 2-3 hour sleeps during the day. I, therefore, thought about trying to get Callum to do a longer sleep in the morning for his first daytime sleep.

Well, low and behold, without even trying (despite being poised outside his door after 40 minutes ready to plug him back in with the dummy), as if he knew what I had been reading, he slept for 1.5 hours. Hooray! I was then out an hour later and he slept for another 1.5 hours and then he had another two 45 minute sleeps during the day before bedtime. He then slept as normal through the night (i.e. had a dreamfeed at 11, woke up at 3.20am then about 6.45am for feeds). The next day, he did 2 hours in the morning then a mix of sleeps during the rest of the day. And today he slept for 1 hour, woke, then got himself back off to sleep again for another hour. He then had two short sleeps in the afternoon. So great - we have made progress even if we haven't quite got the rest of the afternoon sleeps in any kind of routine. I need to be home for a few whole days to do that and that's just not possible this week!

BUT....something seems to be going wrong at night. The night before last he woke at 10.45, just before his dreamfeed. He then woke up at 2am and then 5.30am to be fed. Then last night he woke up at 9.50pm and then woke up at 2 then 5.30 again. Then, tonight, he has just woken up at 9.15pm for food. After his bath and the second half of his feed which he has between 6.30 and 7pm, he normally doesn't wake up again, right up until his dreamfeed at 11. 

What's going on????

I keep reading more about this 4 month blip and it does sound like people with babies of the same age are having the same problem - in fact they have coined the phrase 'four monthlies' for it. They say it is just a phase that lasts a couple of days to a week. I really hope so! 

On putting Callum down to bed awake and him going to sleep, I do think we have conquered that one, so another Hooray! there too.

I have to remember the progress rather than focusing on the set backs!!!

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