Friday 31 October 2008

8 weeks, 3 days old

Size: 97cm waist; 26 pelvic bone to bra

I don't actually think I'm shrinking :o(. I think what is left has turned to fat! (or always was fat). Have been trying to eat better these last two weeks but not doing too well. Keep getting tempted by the odd bottle of wine. Plus I don't like to diet at weekends so the curry we had on Friday (yes Fridays are the weekend!) didn't help matters. What is difficult is what to snack on during the day. I seem to remember this was a problem when I was pregnant so some things never change. Anything that is good for you is boring! When are they going to invent guilt-free chocolate - that tastes good. I guess Malteasers is the closest thing...perhaps not the big bags though!

Anyway, Callum! He is still gorgeous! He had his first jabs yesterday, poor thing. He was a really good boy as they must really hurt. He grizzled a little for the first one and then the nurse said the second one stings more. He gave out a cry with the second one but within about 10 seconds, he had stopped crying and was asleep again (he was asleep when we went in there). He then spent all afternoon asleep until about 7.30pm when he just looked soooo sorry for himself and would occasionally let out a little whimper. I spent the evening cuddling him - how could I not when he looked so sad? He took a while to go down but had a goodish sleep to start with (12.30-2.30). He then woke up at 3.30am and wouldn't settle back down. I ended up sleeping on the glider chair in his room with him asleep in my arms. I woke up at what I thought was 4.30 (must have dreamt it was as I am sure I remember looking at a clock but there isn't one in his room and when I went back to bed it was nearly 6am), I fed him and he finally went back to sleep in his cot. I went back to bed depressed that Stuart would be getting up to work in 45 minutes and that I would have to get up shortly after as I had to take Lotte to the vet today. 

What a mean mum I am - I had to take Callum for his jabs one day and then Lotte to be wormed and micro-chipped the next. I did ask that they chipped Callum too but they just laughed at me. I don't think they were taking me seriously!

Got Callum weighed on Tuesday - he is now 10lb 1oz (4.64kg).

I've now been to two post-natal groups. It is fairly interesting/useful and the people there seem nice but I can't see myself making friends with any of them. The health visitors talk for a bit at the beginning covering various subjects from sleep routines to play and then we get time to mingle afterwards.

We still haven't progressed much in terms of Callum pooing. He still struggles and when he does go it is still dark green but it is starting to get more regular again. It seems he is not alone in this as I've been hearing other mums complaining of the same thing so I guess it is something that most babies (if not all) must go through and we just have to wait it out.

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