Monday 4 February 2008

6 weeks, 4 days

Ouch, ouch, ouch. My boobs hurt. They aren’t too bad during the day but at night they get really painful. I wake up in the night (normally needing the loo or from a bad dream) and turn over to get comfortable and they sting. I hope this means they are going to be huge!

I am also very fed up with being so tired all the time. I wake up in the morning and feel tired until about 10am when I pick up a little. Then about 4pm I become absolutely drained. I can’t do anything and have to lie down. Unfortunately, I’m not one for sleeping during the day, I just can’t do it so I don’t actually sleep but I just lay there feeling miserable and lazy. Then I have to make myself think about dinner and I have to pick Stuart up. After dinner, I then perk up again and feel fine until I go to bed.

I am also starting to feel sick but it is more like I have a hangover where I feel a bit queasy and if I was to focus on feeling sick I probably would be but as long as I distract myself I’m fine. I do think it is just down to low sugar levels though (good excuse to eat sweet things). I felt queasy this morning so had a biscuit and that kept me going until breakfast (after dropping Stuart off at the station and after a shower).

I guess you could say that I am starting to feel pregnancy symptoms now but I still always wonder if they are all just psychological.

The funny thing is I think Stuart has Couvade Syndrome which is when the husband or partner feels sympathy symptoms. He has been feeling sick especially in the mornings and nearly cried at Wild at Heart last night. The sickness is probably just a stomach bug but has been strange because he has been able to eat his dinners and pretty much keep them down and feel fine and then at an odd time in the day he is sick. He he.

Talking of nearly crying, I’ve not been any more emotional than usual. No mood swings or anything. Occasionally, my eyes might have started to well up at something nice/sweet on TV but I don’t think that is any different to normal.

I’ve got my first mid-wife appointment tomorrow. I will write again after that.

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