Thursday 4 December 2014

Teaching Them to be Children

Confessions time!

Recently, I've been thinking about the naughty habits I've willingly passed on to the kids.

There's this one:

Then there is this :

Blowing bubbles in milkshake. Splashing in puddles. I'm sure there are more. 

Is this bad parenting or am I just teaching them how to be children?

I am usually guilty of trying to grow my children up too quick. I think it is important to teach them to be independent and I've pushed Callum to be so from an early age. Doing things like making his own breakfast from 3 years old. Millie has a good go at making her own at 2 though can't be fully trusted not to pour the whole box of cereal in her bowl and all the milk on the floor. 

So this is just a slight rebellion and,  in my opinion, the important message is teaching them when it is acceptable to do the 'naughty' habits and when it's not. 

I remember a while back children were being banned from Peppa Pig because it taught children to jump in muddy puddles but surely that's a part of childhood and we just need to teach them that the right time to do so is when wearing welly boots and not when anyone else is in the splash zone! 

Admittedly, it presents a bigger parenting challenge but I'm willing to accept that challenge to give my children a few cheeky childhood habits. After all, they'll all too soon be grown up and having to act like responsible adults...until they can regress and teach their own children how to be children. 

So own up, what cheeky childish tricks have you been teaching your children? 

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