Wednesday 11 April 2012

Daddy is The Man!

Its all about Daddy at the moment! Callum cries for Daddy when he isn’t there, asks regularly if Daddy is coming now? Is Daddy going to be there? Is Daddy home etc?

An over-hungry tantrum the other day concluded with a 10 minute continuous dialogue of “I want Daaaaddeeeeee”

When Daddy is around, he can’t get a minute’s piece. Callum is glued to him and wants to go wherever he goes and wont let me do anything…not even cuddle him

Not that I ‘mind’ as such in a jealous way! Of course, I would like the odd cuddle now and again but there are benefits – Daddy has to take him to the toilet, get him dressed, give him his breakfast, pick him up, etc. Although it can be inconvenient – it is often a lot easier if Callum would just let me do things occasionally, especially when Stuart is busy doing something else. Not to mention it must be quite exhausting for Stuart sometimes.

But I know how these things work and, after 3.5 years, I’ve learnt that it swings both ways (it I said not he! far too early for that!). One month it will be all about Daddy then the next month it swings back to me and I can do no wrong, am the only one that can kiss his knee better, put him to bed etc.

But then, since finding out I’m having a girl, the little girl I’ve always dreamed of, everyone keeps telling me that girls are “Daddies’ girls you know”. Looks like, if Callum keeps this current Daddy phase up, I may become redundant. So, a nice holiday somewhere hot sounds nice…who needs a Mummy anyway?

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