Friday 4 March 2011

Join the dots

It finally got him - the pox that is! Chicken pox!

The first spot was last Thursday. I noticed a blister type spot on his belly in the morning but couldn't see another on him so thought it might just be a mutant spot of some kind but was meant to mention it to the nursery so they kept a look out. However, I forgot.

All was quiet until 3pm when I got a call from the nursery - more spots had appeared.

So Friday, I took off work an Callum and I went to my mum's for the day. Stuart was off to the Bournemouth office and we had already discussed Callum and I going down that evening so thought we may as well make a day of it instead. Callum was completely fine in himself, just spotty.

Friday afternoon he must have been feeling a little poorly though as for the first time ever, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the last, Callum actually agreed he wanted to go to bed! He climbed up onto my lap and cuddled into me so I asked him if he wanted to go for a nap and he nodded. So, in shock and assuming he didn't understand what I meant I asked him if he wanted to go upstairs for a sleep and he said yes again. So I went upstairs and laid him on the bed and pulled the curtains. Unfortunately, he didn't stay their for longer than 2 minutes but he picked up after that.

It wasn't until we got home from my parents on the Saturday evening that it was truly noticeable that he was feeling poorly. He went straight to bed without a bath as soon as we got in. He then woke when Stuart and I went to bed and wouldn't settle. I ended up spending half the night in his bed with him. He then woke us up about 6am in the morning and Stuart got up with him at 6.30 while I got a lovely lay in.

When I went downstairs, I found Callum laying on Stuart under the blanket on the sofa where, apparently, they had both been all morning.

Callum then spent the rest of that day as my pet limpet! He wouldn't let me leave him for 5 minutes. I had planned to cook a risotto for dinner but poor Stuart, who had never cooked one before, had to do it as Callum wouldn't let me. Stuart did a really good job too so he can make it again :o)

Stuart and I then played it in turns to pox sit while the other one worked - or study as I did on the Monday. Finally, Callum went back to nursery yesterday (Thursday). The spots are heeling nicely with just a few major pot holes remaining and the rest are tiny scabby spots. I would say he had about a 100 in total although it is hard to say as I think his head was the worst hit but you couldn't see them because of his hair (only feel them).

At least we finally have that one out of the way.

On a separate note, very very cute thing Callum has learnt - when you are playing with him making him laugh lots he then says "funny" while giggling. Not the same writing it down you have to hear it really but it is really cute and I am chuffed he uses it in the right context.

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