Tuesday 24 November 2009

14 Months, 3 Weeks (Post 2)

Couple of things since I wrote my last entry...


Callum ate 2/3rds of a pork chop and even tried (and ate a tiny bit) vegetables!!!! This is amazing! He has spat out pork chop before and I've already said about him not eating vegetables. He even ate a bit of vegetable with a bit of pork chop. He then tried each of the vegetables. Admittedly, he did spit out the veg he tried on its own but small steps! It is still a huge step forward for us.

Also, I asked Callum for a kiss and he pursed his lips for a kiss - so cute! It is more like he squeezes his lips together and pouts his bottom lip - adorable :o) *proud mummy*.

He is being a real piggy these last two days and drank 14oz at bedtime. Screamed when his bottle finished so I had to get him some more milk. He then wouldn't let go of his bottle and kept chewing the teat - I think he must be teething. Stuart had to go in there when he got home to grab the bottle.

Just had to update with the latest developments before I forgot!

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