Monday 27 July 2009

10 months, 3 weeks, 6 days

Still no crawling! He gets quite frustrated that he can go sideways and backwards but can't go forwards. He has occasionally got up on all fours, when his feet have been wedged against something but other than that, he goes straight down to laying down to roll. The fact that he can't crawl yet doesn't stop me from running after him all the time to pull him away from the video player, Sky box or CD racks!

What he can do now is sit up from laying down. He will be laying on his front and he pushes up on his arms and then somehow swing his legs around.

We haven't had much luck going from bottles to cup yet. I could get him to take between 2-4oz from his Doidy or Tommee Tippee sippy cup but not without a big protest. Also, as he normally has up to 8oz, this wasn't very much at all. It didn't help that neither of these cups would fit anywhere near the full 8oz. I therefore left it for about a week until I could get a new cup. I've now got a cow cup which just about fits the whole 8oz. We have tried it once without much luck but I'm going to try hard this week. He is only on two milks a day now so I am concentrating on his morning one first and will move onto the nighttime one once he is fine with that.

We did also move his morning milk so that he has breakfast first and then milk an hour or so later. However, we are going to switch this back because he isn't drinking much milk at all like this (whether cup or bottle). As he still needs his milk, it is probably best to move it back to being first thing and breakfast later.

Callum can now hold and drink out of his sippy cup on his own, without much help. I say 'much' help as he still doesn't realise that he needs to tip his head up after a while to continue getting water out. I am sure he could have done this earlier too but maybe I didn't give him enough opportunity to try it.

We bought Callum's new car seat over the weekend. We have gone for a rearward facing one. It is actually rearward facing until he is about 2-3 and then you can turn it around and it becomes forward facing until he is about 6. We went to the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes who, I think, were really good. They were honest about the seats - we ended up getting one cheaper than the one I thought we were going to get. Actually, I think it was the cheapest rearward facing one. We didn't have an appointment but they were very accommodating and were happy to spend the time with us. The lady was very helpful and informative. We tried two seats in the end (we could have tried more but we didn't feel we needed to) but went with the 2-Way Elite as it was the best seat to offer the most comfort for the passenger sitting in the front and, of course, comfort for Callum. Not sure what Callum thinks of it. He hasn't been particularly happy in it so far but he is never keen on sitting in his car seat. He did fall asleep in it and, when he did, his head did fall forward but, because of our car, its size and the space available inside, I don't think we would have been able to get one that had a better recline. We do need to get him something to play with now though as we can't dangle his sheep from the handle anymore (there is no handle now).

Still no more than 4 teeth, though they do seem to bother him from time to time. Still can't see which teeth will be next.

The rest of the time he is still quite funny and I love him to pieces.

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