Wednesday 17 June 2009

9 months, 2 weeks, 1

Weight: 3.5 lb until pre-preg weight, 7.5lb until ideal

Well, Callum is still going well with his new food routine. He eats so much now. He is also getting quite good at fishing something out his mouth that he doesn't like - its quite funny to watch and I have to try hard not to laugh. He will have a mouthful of food and will find a carrot. He will then push it to the front of his mouth and then stick his tongue out disposing of offending item. He has eaten and liked carrot but I think I made the pieces too big and hard the other day for the shepherd's pie mince so he kept spitting them out.

He was a little monkey this morning. We had our first episode of wetting the bed!!!! Stuart had gone into him when he woke up, while I was in the shower, and took him out of his growbag. When I went in there, he had taken off his own nappy and then proceeded to wee while I was watching before I had chance to move him or do anything with him. Luckily, the mattress cover is washable and there is a pvc layer underneath protecting the mattress.

He is also a nightmare to get a nappy on. Whether I'm changing him on his changing unit or on the floor after his bath, he tries to roll over (and usually succeed) and tries to roll all over the place before I get chance to put his nappy on. Every time I turn him back and start putting his nappy on again, he makes his escape! Grrr! Quite funny too though :o)

Still no crawling but he keeps trying to pull himself into a crawling position from sitting. Failing miserably at the moment but I don't suppose it will be long. Most stories I've heard is that it will happen in the space of a week. One minute, nothing! Next, crawling at high speed all over the place!

We are going on our first holiday next week and I can't wait. We are off to Cornwall to stay in a Haven Caravan Park. Not been so excited about a holiday for a long time. Hoping the weather will be nice.

Ooooh, I nearly forgot - we are pretty sure we have our first word :o))))) - Cat. Not as clearly as that of course but it will sound like 'Ca' and if he is listening to us and trying really hard it will be 'taaT'. We are sure he is trying to say Lotte too but can understand that's a bit harder to say. It isn't just us either, my mum heard it and agreed with us - she said it sounded pretty much like cat to her. So exciting!

Right, gotta go - Callum's calling for his breakfast! As in - whhaaaaaaa, grrrrrr etc, not "muuuummmy, can I have some breakfast please?" - but watch this space!

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