Monday 11 May 2009

8 months, 1 week, 6 days

Well Callum and I are much better this week. Unfortunately, now Stuart has real flu.  :o( Poor thing had to come home from work - that's how you know he must be ill. Has been in bed pretty much since. He fainted and we called NHS Direct as we were worried about him. They told him it sounded like he had flu and the beginnings of a fever. I hope he is better by Saturday.

We are on the run up to Callum's Naming Ceremony, which is this Saturday (hence why I hope Stuart is better). I'm quite nervous about it now. I hope it all goes well. It would be great if the weather was nice too so we can have it outside. 

I've written a poem for it. I will post it on here after the Ceremony. Its  not my best poem, unfortunately, but I've found it really hard to write. We've received the draft wording the Humanist Celebrant has written and we are really happy with it. 

We have our outfits. I just need to get a little cardigan and a pair of shoes if I can find a nice, cheap pair. Callum is going to wear a little suit - very cute! We had a family photo shoot on Saturday. We had some photos taken in the clothes we are going to wear for the Naming Ceremony as well as in some normal clothes. This way, if they turn out nice, we can have one as our official Naming Ceremony photo. We get to see them and choose the weekend after the ceremony.

The weaning is still getting better. Callum is starting to consume more and more rather than just playing with everything. He still has days where he prefers to play with the food rather than eat any of it. He really enjoyed poached salmon both on its own and with cucumber in a sandwich - starting to realise he has expensive taste ;o).  I've finally found a way for him to eat wheatabix too - by putting puréed apple in it. So I have actually done some puréeing but just an apple! Breakfast was the hardest meal as he never seemed interested in eating anything in the morning. But, as well as the wheatabix, he also ate about a quarter of toast this morning. This doesn't sound like a lot but compared to nothing - it is great progress. He also ate over half of a large banana too. We also tried him with a raisin the other day. He liked it but was chewing it/moving it around his mouth for ages. I do think I will buy some, though, when I next go shopping. Someone also came up with a good idea of how to get beef into his diet. If I buy a pack of beef strips for stir frying and split it into lunch size portions. I didn't even think about strips of beef, I was just thinking of steak, beef mince and beef joints or slices of cold beef for sandwiches.

I've seen three childminders now and I think we are going to go with the second one I saw. She was really nice and I liked what she offered. She was also had the best availability. She can do 3 days between July and September and then any of the 5 days after September. I'm hoping to work 3 days a week but it will be a lot easier if I can have any 3 days out of the 5. I think the only reason we wouldn't go with her (assuming she is still available when I get a job) is if I find someone I like that is closer to where I live, especially if my work is in a different direction. Once I've found a job, I will meet her again and take Stuart with me to make sure he is happy too.

Well, the next entry will probably be after the Naming Ceremony so wish us luck with it :-D.

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